Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back at 2014

So, as is typical, I'm a day late, a dollar short and all backwards.

Most folks do a year in review on New Years Eve.  Then a New Years Resolutions on New Years Day.  I've gone and done mine backwards . . . and missed New Years Day.  Oh well, nonetheless, here's some highlights from the year that was:

The first Space Marine.  From the Doctor Who boardgame.  
I started my blog back on July 19th in order to help me focus on finishing the various projects I've had a tendency to start but not complete . . and the chance to get all fan boy with my favorite bloggers.  If you've not started a blog, or at least a G+ account, I highly recommend it.  I'd been lurking for years, but nothing motivates like the feeling of having to show one's work.  And, despite some fears, the G+ crowds, and in particular the OldHammer community, is very positive and helpful.  Though, for the first few months, my most popular post was about a piece of trash, and my blog only has six followers to date . . . .  

My First Logo
Second Logo.  Part GW parody, part homage to HG Wells.
Soon after starting the blog, I created a hand-drawn logo for the blog - then improved upon it.  Both experiments were joyous learning processes - it had been many years since I did any real drawing - and I learned a lot about GIMP.

My Chaos Warband.  Dark Elf leader, three Night Goblins green stuffed horribly into Hobgoblins, and a whole mess of Beastmen from various eras.
Amazing greenstuff work here.  GW will be calling for my sculpting services any day now!
Part of my inspiration in starting the blog was to join in Oldhammer USA day's Chaos Warband project.  I didn't make the actual party, but I did wind up having a lot of fun creating and then painting up a warband before the deadline.  I will be desperate to get to Oldhammer USA Day in 2015.

Frankenberry.  He'll need some Nurgly friends soon.
In addition to the warband, I acquired and painted up a Nurgle Champion, just cause he looked cool.  It also gave the chance to paint up an old school shield design for the first time.

On the Rouge Trader front, I painted up my first set of vintage Space Marines.  There's just something about these old minis that the new ones lack.  The heft of pewter, the wide open spaces on armour to blend the paints, the cartoonish features.  It was just five minis, but a revelation nonetheless.

Step one.  Cut up some pink foam.
Step two.  Make some buildings and stuff.  Step three.  Profit.
I started up a Mordheim board, and made some good headway.  Finishing this small board will be a major goal of 2015.

Together, we can win the fight against spinal crackage.
I also acquired and then repaired a number of OldHammer rule books - the WHFB 3rd main rulebook as well as Siege, and the original Rogue Trader rulebook as well.  Reading these books has brought much joy, and I'm happy to no longer need to pick up various pages off the floor.

Lastly, a surprise project was a Space Marine Halloween costume for my son, made at his last minute request.  Not going to win any awards at GenCon, but I was pretty happy (or "chuffed" as they seem to say across the pond) at the results, given the limited time, money and talent available for the project.  And, its my most popular post to date.

There are lots more projects in store for 2015, and I look forward to sharing some more battle reports and home brewed gaming goodness.  Thanks for visiting, commenting, and - if you blog - inspiring me, over the last year.  I wish a happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!