Monday, September 15, 2014

Oldhammer Shield Design - First Attempt

Ever since I read one of the short "Painting Citadel Miniatures" pamphlets from years back (cover price was one GBP, but I'm pretty sure the game store was giving them away), I've wanted to try my hand at painting one of the old scary face shield designs that were a hallmark of Warhammer in the 80's.

In fact, I think I originally stumbled on Orlygg's seminal blog a few years back looking for shield designs and his recent post (putting the faces on armour - GENIUS!) inspired me to finally have a go at it.

So, here's my very first Oldhammer shield design:
Anyone hungry for Frankenberry cereal?

I didn't closely follow any directions, or add as much detail as Orlygg's designs, but just by swirling paint around, blending in white and slowly drawing out the shape of the face was much fun.  The face sort of grew out on it's own, organically.  Try it, you'll see what I mean!

Here's some more shots of the nurgley Chaos Champion, now sporting the shield in order to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies.

OK, so in trying to get all 'Eavy Metal on his you-know-what, I overdid the highlighting (looks like I painted with chalk) and I also overdid the verdigris effect.  But, I swear he looks better in person.   Maybe he just needs a better background?
Does this background make me look fat?
Next up, experiments with glazes to correct chalky highlights.   Tips and recommendations appreciated!