Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Terrain Fest - Part Deux

So, having a long weekend allowed me to not only complete a longstanding goal of basing some terrain, but also allowed me to engage in an entirely new endeavor.

I bring you, the Inquisitorial Dark Column of Grimness:
This is a column, as it doesn't support a roof.  If it did, it would be a pillar.  But how did this awesome artifact come to be?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Terrain Fest

So, here in the states, we have something called "Labor Day", in which we celebrate the organized labor movement by not working.  Ironic, no?

In any event, it also signals the unofficial end of Summer, so it's always a bittersweet affair.  This weekend, I committed to start AND finish a long-standing terrain project, AND start and finish a completely new one.

First up, basing and painting a set of the older 40k ruins!
I bought 6 corners of the old 40k gothic ruins off eBay some time back.  I also got six small MDF boards from the Michael's craft store.  I cut a bunch of one-inch cardboard squares and two-inch poster board squares and glued them down as walkways and tiles.   Added some small bricks - made of pink insulation foam - and cork bits, as well as sand.
Placesetting of six. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Rogue Trader Heresy - Chaplain for Death Guard

So, while planning my next steps for the Rogue Trader -Era Death Guard Pre-Heresey army, I decided to paint up this laddie:
Chaplain, vintage 1988!  I think the green banner works to add some color, and let me cheat with not doing much work on the shoulder pads.
He appears in the top right.  Actually, a pretty poor painting job in this catalog pic, so I figured I'd have a shooting chance to match the quality!
I love the one red handed look in the advert, so copied it.  Note sure if he was a Crimson Fists chappy, but what-evs. 
"Death is Honor".  Special thanks to the Mircon .05.
Check the very faint three dots on the lower right hand side of the banner.  Something seems off about this guy, doesn't it?
Thanks for stopping by!