Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dark Futures/Car Wars - Special Guest Post

This is a special guest post, showing off a Hot Wheel conversion designed and painted by my 9 yr. old boy.  Hey kid, take it away!

Hi!  I have a muscle car that shoots out of the front obviously and knives.  It also has an oil slick thing.  I painted it maroon and gold because it looked cool.

My Dad taught me how to do the weathering by dry brushing.   This gave it a muddy, rustic look.
I put blood on the knives with red paint and some matte medium.
I used three different colors for the weathering:  Brown, brown and brown.  I also made bullet shots by painting black spots and putting silver inside of them.
I put some black on the tips of the guns to make it look like it was shooting.  I also put black on the oil slick thing to make it look like the oil dried up on it.
I am going to do Car Wars and dominate my older brother and Dad.

This is what the car looked like before I started painting it.  It is a 1970 Chevy Cheville.