Monday, February 9, 2015

Dark Future/Car Wars - Second Special Guest Post

[As a follow up to my younger boy's post, now it's my 12 year old's chance to share his contribution to the growing Renegade band!  TBW featured his Jeep in a prior post, along with the last two new cars, and here's the finished work.]

I came up with the idea of putting spikes on the wheels to add damage when sideswiping other cars.  I put two machine guns on the doors of the Jeep.  Then I added a bright light on the back to blind other drivers.

Now you will see how I painted it.  : )

So, first, I came up with the idea of green hot rod flames.

I found a picture of hot rod flames on the internet.  I then drew it on a piece of paper.  
I cut it out, and placed it on the hood of the car.
I used slightly lighter paint and outlined the flames.   
Then, I painted it in with dark green.  Then, I used lighter green paint and made it look like flames, as shown below.
I used metallic paint and colored in the guns, the tailgate and the grill.
Don't my hands look better than my Dad's?
I also painted the light in the back.   

I also used the same weathering technique my little brother did for his car.    This made it look like he ran over some mud.

#done : )
 I played a couple of games and got creamed by an Interceptor with a heavy laser turret.  : (

[We'll be posting some battle reports later in the week, so you can see how he fared on the open road.  Thanks for stopping by!]