Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dark Future/Car Wars - Reinforcements!!!

A whopping $3.00 bought a whole new set of cars for my growing fleet of Interceptors, Renegades and cannon fodder for Amateur night at the Autoduel track:

Left to Right:  1970 Chevy Chevelle (all Nascar style'd up); Corkscrew Dune Buggy; Jeep Scrambler.  I love the old Jeeps, and miss my 1983 AMC Full Size Jeep Wagoneer, so this brought back some good memories.
My boys also wanted to get into the act, so my 12 year old claimed "dibs" on the Jeep and my 9 year old latched onto the classic Chevy.  After drilling out the rivets that hold them together and designing up the weapons, here's what we wound up with:

The jeep has spiked wheels, double machine guns and a rear facing spotlight (to blind any trailing drivers!).
The Chevy has spinning knives on the front wheels, double machine guns on the hood and an oil slicker on the rear bumper.
If you read my prior post, you'll note I added two upright magazines to the Chevy's machine guns.  
On the buggy, I've got a front machine machine gun, roof top rocket launcher and a rear facing spike dropper.  I also clipped off the overly large "wings" that came on the stock model, to make it a little less Hot Wheels and a little more Thunderdome.
Next up, Painting!!!