Warmaster Paper Counters for AWI

Here are .PDFs of my Warmaster AWI counters, including the stats based on stats from Two for Tea.  The links are right above the pictures.

These should be printed on US letter sized paper at 100%.  Hopefully, the counters come out roughly 40mm X 20mm.

I print mine on light cardstock, then (to prevent the ink jet ink from bleeding) spray with a clear acrylic sealant (Krylon Acrylic Clear).   Then I use spray adhesive to attach it to cardboard (I used comic book backerboard, though cereal box cardboard works well too and is a bit easier to cut).  

Then, I spend lots of time cutting with an X-acto blade and straight edge.  I did it during an NFL football game and it took about three quarters, with one eye on the game.

This is my first attempt at this sort of thing.  I hope I did the game justice, but I'm sure there are a few errors . . . feedback is welcome.  Next time I try something like this, I'll work on getting the text larger - I need reading glasses to see it.  Still, nice to have the stats right on the counters as it avoids chart referencing.

Happy gaming!