Thursday, May 24, 2018

Battlefleet Gothic Paper Order Dice

I'm finally getting the pieces together for a Battlefleet Gothic game, but needed some of the Order dice.  I couldn't find any, so made my own and printed them up on yardstick:
I wouldn't want to use paper dice for rolling, but for markers they work just fine.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Old World In Hexagon

Per my prior post, I'm working on a DIY Mighty Empire set of tiles for a Warmaster Campaign.

My loose inspiration, in part, will be the Empire of the Old World.  To start sketching out the plan, I overlaid a hex field onto a map of the Empire:

There are about 28 tiles here that need to be made.  I don't plan on following the layout religiously, as I will try to keep the hexes geomorphic.  But I thought this would be a good way to break-down the different tile types I need.  

I see something along the lines of:

Costal Tiles:           6
Mountain Tiles:     13
River Tiles:            7
Woodlands:            5
Plains:                    4

That comes to 35 tiles (which means I'm counting some double), but it looks like a decent mix . . . other than too Mountain heavy?

Here's me playing around with a printed copy of the map, along with the counters I made:

Now that I've got this up, I'm actually wondering why I'd even need to make Mighty Empire tiles.   Well, too late now, my OCD has kicked in! 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Warmaster Markers

To gear up for some Warmaster campaign action, I'm planning to put together some home-made Might Empires type tiles, using MDF hexes.  I also wanted some tokens to represent the different factions.

I found some on-line templates, but decided to put together a variation with square markers (I suppose you could make them into small flags, if you wanted).  And, I created new markers for Empire, Bretonians, Undead and Araby.

Thought I'd post it up in case anyone else found them useful.
They should print up on a 8"x11" sheet of paper at 100% scale.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Battle of Germantown - Post Game Results

Its been a while since my son and I played this game out, but I'm finally getting round to the battle rep.  The Battle of Germantown scenario (written by Bob Barnetson) I'm playing is from Tea for Two, a great hack that turns the Warmaster rules into an AWI ruleset.   I made the counters myself and posted them up on the site if you want to download.  For a good depiction of the actual battle map, this one is pretty good.

The Declaration of Independence and a D6.  What could be better?   Well, a beer and hot dog might add to the fun.
Chew House
The above picture is of the Chew House, the main battle objective.  The Redcoats are in and around the house (they barricaded themselves under cover of fog), while the Bluecoats are coming down the road to drive the Brits out.