Saturday, June 2, 2018

Flames of War - Memorial Day Battle Report

On Memorial Day, I broke out my just-finished minis from the Flames of War "Open Fire" set and set up my first battle.  Basically, I just wanted to get a feel for the game.

The German and Allied infantry ran for cover and settled in for some cross shooting.  The Allies took an early lead by using the Shermans to machine gun the crap out of the German infantry.  But, once the StuG Gs and the anti-tank guns had a say, the Shermans started to drop like flies.

Below are some pics and observations of my first play-through.

I set up three farmhouses (foam core with some printed up roofs and windows glued on) in the center of the board, with some Christmas village tree woods around the farm.
Infantry needs to find cover quick, else they get cut to shreds by the machine guns.   
This looks like a long stalemate from the German side, as the rile squads slug it out.
Airborne rifle squads are settled in for a long fight.  
Hiding the anti-tank guns in the woods made them tough for the Shermans to shoot.  The Shermans were no match for a side shot.
The StuG Gs just blast through the Sherman/Fireflys' tank skins.  Not a fair fight at all! 
HQ, is staying in cover y avoid the Stug Gs, but in doing so is unable to assist the infantry.
Blasting away at the Shermans. 
The German anti-tank guns are in the woods at the top right.  The Shermans having exposed their sides was a fatal mistake.   

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