Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dark Future - Second, and Penultimate, Battle Report

Here we go, way too fast . . .

Having cut our teeth on our first Dark Future road battle, we decided to mix things up and have the Renegades and the Interceptor face off head-to-head.  Surely, this would result in a battle that would give the lightweight and mobile [ed. note: in theory; not reflected in actual gameplay] Renegades a leg up on the Interceptor, to even the karmic score . . .

My younger boy took the wheel of the Katana, and my older served as gang leader for the two battle hardened road warriors. 
Across the barren wasteland of a future America, the Renegades search for the Interceptor that killed their brothers in arms.  Finally, through the heat rising off the blacktop, they see the silhouette of their target, carrying its fleshy cargo: a corporate stooge, corpulent from a life of greed and opulence.  The Renegades speed up, unable to contain their lust for blood.  The Interceptor speeds up as well, hoping to pass by its attackers quickly.
The Renegades drift into the oncoming Interceptor, so as to bring it into their firing lanes.  Bearing down on their prey, like carrions of justice, they fire shot after shot of hot lead at the Interceptor.  But, the bullets land like mosquitos on an elephant.  The Interceptor holds its course patiently, until the lead Renegade comes within the heavy laser's no-miss targeting zone.  
At the end of the first turn the Interceptor unloads a seething-hot bolt of light at the Datsun, melting through its meager defenses.  At the top of the next turn, with machine gun fire ricocheting off its reinforced windscreen, the Interceptor launches a second laser shot at the Datsun, destroying it.  The buggy tries to swerve to avoid the wreck in front, but it starts its drift too late!   The Interceptor is trapped in its lane, with the wreck penning it in!  Each driver looks into the other's eyes, and sees fear!
DISASTER!  The buggy and the Katana collide head-on.  Massive damage has been caused.  With the buggy and Katana traveling at a speed of 6 and 5 respectively, they each take 11 d6's of damage.  Even the Katana, with a 24-point damage rating, the highest possible, cannot withstand the impact.  The buggy never had a chance.  In a ball of flaming gasoline, all aboard both vehicles perish.
So much for a long, strategic match.  Turns out that moving in opposite directions at a high rate of speed and in the same lane is a recipe for disaster.  Who knew?  I was proud of my little guy for knowing to hold his fire until landing a shot was certain, but neither he nor his brother realized just how fast the cars move forward . . . and how slow they drift.  Speed does kill.  The game lasted just over one turn.

With our head-to-head match ending in a draw, there was only one last option for our next battle.  A race to the death, with each side lined up against the other.  First to cross the finish line alive wins.

Next up:  Death Race 1994!