Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dark Futures/Car Wars - Scratch Built Weapons

Here's a few shots of a rocket launcher I made:
Cut off a rectangular rod and drilled ten holes in.  Took a few tries to get the holes even.  Then, I inserted some round toothpicks. Once they were all glued in, I trimmed off the back end of the toothpicks and filed the back flat.
For the sighting unit, I added a small tube piece to the top and capped off the end with the small round piece of plasticard (cut with a hole punch).
Capped off the back of the launcher with a piece of plasticard, to cover the back of the toothpicks, then filed it flush.
And here's a few more weapons made out of Styrene bits:
Machine gun for the first Killer Kart.  I glued the rods around an inner rod, then added all the plastic bits.

Left to Right:  Mortar, Machine Gun, double Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher.  All made from styrene bits.  And some toothpicks.
These won't be sitting around for long.  They're already being loaded up and shipped out to Uncle Albert's custom shop.