Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mordheim Board - Finished Painting the Board

Despite getting distracted with Hot Wheels and Epic, I have made excellent progress on the Mordheim Board.  While the buildings are still in a state of construction, I have painted up the board. Behold and despair:

Time to paint the canals.  I used a precisely measured amount of Green, Blue and Brown.  Very precise.  
Now the canals had a sickly greyish look as a base coat.  
Threw in some glue and sand here and there, to break up the tiled look and provide an unkempt appearance.  
In retrospect, I should have done this before the black base coat, as I needed to go back and paint again.  Live and learn.
I added white glue streaks to give the water some texture.  To no avail - it just smoothed itself out.  
I then painted random riles in muted greens, blues, browns, greys, etc.  Sort of looked like a Scrabble board.  I also painted the wood docks with a watered down brown, almost a stain. 
Then I gave the whole board an ink wash to darken it up and add details to the tiles.  
You can also see the bridge (at bottom) was painted maroon, then given a wash as well.  
Trusty Delta Ceramcoat in Rain Grey was the dry brush paint of choice.  The brush is actually for doing stencils, but it works great for dry brushing terrain.
The bridge got a dry brushing of maroon for the brick, as well as a dusting of the grey.  Really made it "pop" - especially where I had "dug out" a few bricks to make the bridge look decrepit.  
In this photo, the top and right areas have been dry brushed.  But not the lower left side area, yet.   You can see what a difference the dry brushing makes!
I continued brushing in streaks of color into the water . . .
Note the areas in which the buildings will sit are lined in brick.
Several coats of Future Floor Polish on the water gave it a wet look.   
Go in, the water's fine!
So, All I need to do is finish a few of the buildings and paint them up.  Hopefully I'll get that done before this Summer!  Wish me luck, and thanks for stopping by!