Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Epic, if Inauspicious, Beginning - My Minis Get Minis!

So, having accomplished one of my New Year's goals, of course I decided to start a whole new project to make sure I don't get ahead.

For years, I've coveted the tiny, little Epic toys.  They're like miniature . . . miniatures.  However, I really didn't want to play Epic, per se.  Or get into a new huge collection.  My purpose was just to get two, small, identical sets, and play something simple that my kids would enjoy.  Sort of like Panzerblitz, but with a 40k flavor.

So, middle of last year I picked up a small collection.  Now, time to paint!  'Ere we go.
Each side will have one Dreadnought, two Land Raiders, four Rhinos and four sets of tac squads (or, eight combat squads).  I thought that provides some variety and enough minis to keep it interesting (and inexpensive).  Gave these a quick spray of generic grey primer to get started.
For inspiration, I went back through the old painting guide for Space Marines - included FREE with the Space Marine Paint Set!  After looking through the options, I went with Space Wolves.
For the first time, I noticed that the photo on the back of the paint set box actually has a few Epic minis!   Perfect timing.
Vintage Blue Grey (for the base) and Space Wolves Grey (highlights).  
I decided to paint the other side up as Emperor's Children.  Just 'cause purple is pretty . . . and it set up a nice contrast against the Space Wolves Grey.  The Delta Ceramcoat Purple went on a bit opaque, but on a small mini like this, that actually works in giving the features some depth.  While the Blue Grey went on much more smoothly, it also looked a bit flat.
High Tech Drying Rack.

Basecoat, dry brush highlights and some old Boltgun metal on the guns and treads.

Then, everything got a very watered down coat of wash.  Basically, an Ink, Matte Medium and Water mix, with a lot more water mixed in.  I didn't want the wash to darken things too much.

Contemptor Dread Pattern?  What's old is new again!
Now my Minis have minis!  Perhaps they can resolve their differences on the tabletop instead of the battlefield?  Nah!
Painting up the Epic minis is a bit of a blast, actually.  To paint what would be over 3,000 worth of points (in a "real" game) in a few hours is quite a rush, especially after fiddling around with eyes or highlighting Aquilas and helms on a 28mm dude.  I should probably add some gold and yellow highlights to shoulder pads and the like, but I kind of dig the more simple look they have right now - more heresy-ish.

Soon, I'll try to put together some simple rules and play a few games with the boys.  Goals will be: (1) retain the same odds of one set of miniatures removing another from play, (2) create simple movement rules, (3) resolve combat with a minimum of die rolling, (4) no book keeping.

Thanks for checking in!