Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Dark Future - Datsun Rules the Roads of Tomorrow!

Boy, turning these Hot Wheels into combat cars of the future is fun.  And a lot cheaper than regular minis.  Which is good, 'cause I'm cheap.

Here's my second effort:

Another Hot Wheels, ready to be sacrificed!  Actually, is the singular of Hot Wheels "Hot Wheels"?  
Datsun 240Z.  Who knew Malaysia would some day be the world's largest car manufacturing center?
Drilled out the posts holding everything together and sprayed it all black (expect the windows, which I dipped in Future Floor Polish, to make the windows crystal clear).
Used some painting tape to mask off the edges down the middle . . . 
. . . and now it's got a yellow mustard racing stripe!  Racing stripes make cars go faster. 
Cut up some Granny Grate (for needle point), painted black and dry brushed silver.  This will provide protection against the elements.  And maybe Zombies.
Painted the granny grate with some watered down brown and orange to make it all rusty-like.
Painted up some interior details, just 'cause.
Dry fitting the Granny Grating.  
Syrene rods make up the front heavy machine gun and two smaller machine guns in the back.
Factory fresh.  Now, for some weathering . . .

Ah, that's more like it.  I added some scratches (grey for exposed primer and silver for the sheet metal underneath).  Also, some brown for dirt around the wheels and on the tail.
Must gave hit a "Deer" with the front left panel.  You can see bit of edge highlighting I added as well.
This needs those mud flaps with Yosemite Sam saying "Back Off!!!"
Above shot.  
The Datsun 240 meets the Katana 2033.
 Can't wait to get my hands on a few more of the boys' Hot Wheels and make up some more cars . . .