Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dark Future - Killer Kart

Painting these Dark Future/Car Wars minis is quite addictive.  I couldn't help but create another one, using another one my kids' old Hot Wheels:

Started off by building a machine gun out of styrene rods and plasticard.   I've been planning on trying to make a test one of these for my scratch built Warhound Titan's Vulcan Megabolter, so this was a good opportunity to start.  Basically, I used one rod in the middle and glued three gun barrels around it.  Once the glue set, I attached three more.  Then used some scrap strips around it all to add some detail.
Found a go-cart type Hot Wheels (with an awful metallic purple paint job . . . really, I was doing it a favor) and superglued on an "L" shaped styrene piece to support the gun.
Also added a pipe on the back bumper, for a smoke screen? Maybe oil?
All primed up . . .  
Finished product!  You'll see I attempted to make the gun barrels discolored from heat - though I rushed it a bit, so it looks a bit funky.
Also added some sweet pin striping on the tail - rat rod style.  I'm hoping to replicate this on my wife's mini van.
Kill markings for the Unlucky #13
The Killer Kart is the fist entry in the shopping list in the Car Wars rules.  It's a cheap starter vehicle and it will pair well as a support vehicle for the Datsun 240.  Plus, it has "Kill" in the name, so it must be awesome, right?
Couldn't resist.  Moar Skulls!  Kill! Kill! Kill!  On a more serious note, you may notice that the gun barrel holes are painted on.  These rods are too small to drill out, but it's easy enough to paint a black dot on each rod.

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