Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dusty Dirt Bases - Step by Step

For my Dark Angels terminators, I painted up some bases that I thought complemented the parchment-colored armour.  Here's a quick photo essay of how I did them:

Delta Ceramcoat is my go-to paint for just about anything nonmetallic.  It normally needs little diluting, thought it takes thinning well.  I can mix and blend colors to my hearts content, without worrying about using too much.  And, it covers well for craft paint.  For those of you in the U.S., the only place I've been able to find these paints is at Joanne's Fabrics.
Started with the standard, round 40mm bases.  Painted them with Elmer's "Glue All" white glue, cleaned up the edges with a wet finger, then dipped them in a pile of random sand mix. Once dry, I usually flow on a layer of Future Floor Polish to seal on all the sand.  Then, finally, a round of Krylon dark grey automotive primer to start off the painting.
Started the arcylics with a heavy (almost wet) dry brush of Burn Umber. 
The followed with the Brown Velvet.
And the Raw Sienna.  

Then a first go at the Antique White.  I tend not to wash my brushes between colors while doing dry brushing.  I think it lets each color layer to blend together, and lets you do a few rounds of the last (lightest) color, each layer getting progressively lighter.
So, another round of Antique White, with less of the prior colors showing.
And, one more round of Antique White., focusing more on the edges. 
Finally, I switched over the White, but again, leaving some of the prior color on the brush so as to take the "brightness" of the white down a notch.
First dry brush of white, outward from the center.  
Final white dry brush, mainly around the very edge.  Then, I cleaned up the lip of the bases with a flat black.