Monday, January 19, 2015

Progress on Mordheim Board

So, progress on my Mordheim board has been slow, but at least there's been some recent progress.  Some pictures of the board itself (sans buildings):
Here's where things stood a few months ago.
And a more recent picture, after having added the dock and drawn in the stone details with a ball point pen.
Built a small bridge, then used toothpicks and white glue to put it in place. 
What self respecting terrain builder would leave the underside without detail - though it will never be seen?!? 
Bridge in place - note that I dug out some bricks, but added in sand and glue in their place.
Used some craft sticks to make a dockside walkway.  Used some wood dowels and string, so small river boats would have something to tie up to.
Slightly higher view - also showing more detailed walls.
Starting a black basecoat. 
Once the black basecoat is done, I'll paint some of the squares blue, grey, green and maybe red, before dry brushing.  That should give the stones some underlying color variation.