Sunday, September 14, 2014

Building a (Tiny) Mordheim Board - Part Two

Here's a quick update on the small Mordheim board on which I've been working, as discussed in a previous post.  Sorry for the subpar photos - while my "lightbox" for minis has been improved, the lighting in the rest of my workshop leaves something to be desired. 

Before gluing down the foam, I first cut out the three stairs sections, carved out each of the steps . . . 
. . . then fit the stairs back in.  Each step is about 1"x1", which will allow the minis to stand on the steps.  
I then marked out the area where the foam would go, poured out some hot glue (inside the lines) and . . . 
. . . applied pressure to the foam pieces while the glue cooled.  Now, I've got the basic layout down.
Here's that funky leftover piece from cutting out the canals.  It was perfect for . . .  
. . . building up walls around the canals.  The walls aren't very high, but now the miniatures in the canal and the minis on the land will be more separated from each other. 
I used a straight board underneath a see-through ruler to line up spaces where the buildings will eventually go.
Now, I have the basic outline for the building foundation.  I did the same for the other three building areas.
Everywhere else, I used a ball point pen to mark out a 1"x1" grid for tiles.  Rolling the ball point pen back and forth deepens the groove.
I added cracks and chips around the tiles, to make the appear worn and broken.
And, here's where things stand now.

Before painting and water effects, I still need to (a) work out another ball-point-pen design for the walls; (b) add wooden walkways around the edge of the canals; (c) build the half-timber buildings and ruins that are the hallmark of Mordheim.