Friday, January 23, 2015

Progress on Mordheim Buildings

Following up on the Mordheim board itself, here's a few shots of the buildings in progress:
Multi-unit dwelling.  This will be the centerpiece building.
The roof will be partly ruined, so I've added some joists under the roof for detail.   
Townhall . . . The windows are made of plastic screening that you put in the bottom of a bonsai pot.
Close up detail on the townhall doors.  Each handle is made from a semi-circle cut from a white styrene tubing, with a full circle for the handle.
Inside of the Townhall.  Obviously in some state of disrepair.  
Used some square shaped rod to make the door appear to be barred. The ladder looks wide, but I made it so to accommodate bases.
A small structure, but with a walled courtyard to add some terrain elements. 
Another view of the small building.
Test placement of Townhall 
Test placement of larger building.
Last small building - basically not much more than a few ruined walls.  This was my first test piece.
Tossed in some sand and rubble for details.