Monday, February 23, 2015

Here Come the Interceptors . . .

The local citizens are fed up with the Renegades wreaking havoc.  They've decided to take back their highways and byways.

Favors are called in.  Cash, drugs and gasoline exchange hands.  Arc wielders alight.  The Interceptors are coming.  And coming in hot:

My boys designed some new cars for Dark Future.  Here's the first of six:
Lamborghini with two side-mounted chain guns.  Have to say, I'm happy with the way the guns themselves turned out, but the boxy mounts leave a lot to be desired - especially on such a sleek vehicle.  Need to revisit the design at some point.
Smoker on the tail.
All the Interceptors are coming from the Hot Wheels Exotics 5-pack (on right) and the single pack on the top left:

The rest of the bunch will be coming in this week!