Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Terrain Fest - Part Deux

So, having a long weekend allowed me to not only complete a longstanding goal of basing some terrain, but also allowed me to engage in an entirely new endeavor.

I bring you, the Inquisitorial Dark Column of Grimness:
This is a column, as it doesn't support a roof.  If it did, it would be a pillar.  But how did this awesome artifact come to be?
I picked this out of someone's trash.  Seriously, they were just throwing it away.  The fools.  
The decor of the column was simply too light and cherubic to be of any use to me.  It needed some of the old Grimdark.  Nothing says Grimdark like a nose tube. Thanks to some old guitar string, a drill bit and some Crazy Glue, cyber nasal tube has been inserted.  Begin transmission . . .
For more detail, I sculpted a robot eyeball and an intricate "I" - hey that's two eyes! - out of plasticard and, oddly enough, a split pea (from a bag of split peas for soup . . . . seriously!).  
I then created a "negative" press mold (using some Sculpy mold material) from the plasticard sculpts, and used Green Stuff to create the "positive" details - one for each of the four sides.   From sweet cherub to the thing of nightmares, in three easy steps!
One can of $.99 black spray paint later, and it starts to come together.
I had also added some Aquilas and skull bits.  Little details add a lot - no need to get carried away. 
And, several layers of dry brushing later . . . 

With Rogue Trader era Space Marine for scale . . .
Currently propping up a Sideshow Scale Marine, whilst it waits to play a major supporting role in our next Rogue Trader adventure.  
So, a fairly large piece of terrain, made from trash, green stuff and spray paint.  Not bad for a piece that would cost $50 if offered by a vendor of reputable repute.  So sayeth the unrepentant dumpster diver.

So, what's the best piece of trash you've ever used for terrain?