Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Terrain Fest

So, here in the states, we have something called "Labor Day", in which we celebrate the organized labor movement by not working.  Ironic, no?

In any event, it also signals the unofficial end of Summer, so it's always a bittersweet affair.  This weekend, I committed to start AND finish a long-standing terrain project, AND start and finish a completely new one.

First up, basing and painting a set of the older 40k ruins!
I bought 6 corners of the old 40k gothic ruins off eBay some time back.  I also got six small MDF boards from the Michael's craft store.  I cut a bunch of one-inch cardboard squares and two-inch poster board squares and glued them down as walkways and tiles.   Added some small bricks - made of pink insulation foam - and cork bits, as well as sand.
Placesetting of six. 
Sprayed liberally with cheap-o black spray paint.   
Not a bad start, I think.  Note, I cut up a few of the walkway tiles to make them appear "cracked".
These dried quickly in the early September sun.

My two boys then helped paint some of the tiles in blue, in a checkerboard pattern, to break things up.

The tiny foam bricks were easy to make, and looked good, but a few didn't survive the dry-brushing process.  Perhaps I needed to go over them with some white-glue to toughen them up. 
Bricks were also painted in dark red.
And, the dry brushing begins!

Time well spent in the waning Summer sun.
And here's the tiles, ready for a Frostgrave battle.
I had some craftstore foam sheets in various colors, including white and blue.  I cut a few irregular shapes out in white, to make it look like snow.  And a few in blue for lakes.  And, I used a bunch of Christmas Tree Village trees that we use around the holidays to decorate a train table.  Purchased at Home Depot for something like $10 a bag.  

Wait! Did he just say FROSTGRAVE?  I did!!!  Stay tuned for more on that!

Thanks for stopping by!