Friday, August 21, 2015

More Rogue Trader Death Guard

So, having finally painted the base colors for my heretical Rogue Trader-Era Death Guard minis, I finally got around to doing a nasty, dirty, rusty wash over these guys.

They've got no idea what's about to hit them!
In all their nasty, rusty glory!
Who would ever suspect this guy is anything other than a loyal Astartes?
I got stripes, stripes around my flamer . . .

If this isn't rusty, dirty and nasty, I don't know what is.
The wash is a mix of about 1/6th matte medium, 1/6th Raw Sienna acrylic from Delta Ceramcoat, 2/3rds (or 4/6th if you prefer!) distilled water, and a drop or two of black ink to darken it up.

Next, I'll do another round of thinned Raw Sienna on the bases, lay down some highlighting and (re)do the red eyes.  Happy so far with the infantry side of things!

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