Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kid Made Star Wars RPG

This trusty old d8 got a lot of use this weekend.
So, my 12 year old decided to make up a Star Wars role playing game!  I spent more time of my youth creating half-baked RPGs and wargames than I ever spent actually playing the darn things.  So, I guess the beer can doesn't fall far from the trailer.

The mechanics were very light.  Very light.  Basically, everything requires taking a test on a d8 roll, with 1 an epic fail, 8 a smashing victory, and everything else a gradation in between.  You got a +1 on the die result if you used one of your character's skills, and -1 if you tripped up on a weakness.

We played three Younglings whisked off to the Jedi Academy during the Clone Wars.  Below are our character sheets.

Sheet Tiino
Sol Keetau
Teech.  Just Teech.
We rolled for everything, from eating lunch (I threw up), to flight maneuvers in a mass battle simulation (I threw up), to sleeping the night through without nightmares (I did not, thankfully, throw up).

Having survived a simulation in which he shot down a dozen vulture droids, entered a Separatist space ship, fought General Grevious, blew up the power core and escaped, earned this youngling a "You're a Star!" sticker. 
Unfortunately, the game degenerated when the two boys got into an argument over whether a large spaceship could have six engines on the outside, or only one large one on the inside.   Alas, such is life.