Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dark Future - All Interceptor Battle Report

It's been a while since our last post, but having put together six Inceptors, the boys finally broke them into two squads and went head to head.

The younger boy's set up and ready to go.
While the older one takes his place on the highway.
And they're off!
They roared toward each other, guns-a-blazin'!  They landed quite a few shots, but since the Interceptors are more sturdy than Renegades, the hail of bullets and laser beams didn't faze them. 

Unfortunately, the boys didn't do much planning with respect to avoiding head on collisions . . . at least one crash is imminent. 

And a second crash is looking likely as well.
Tragedy strikes!
And tragedy strikes again!  Somehow, though the green car squeezes through the blazing wrecks.

The yellow car goes off road, around the wrecks in front of him, and then . . . .
 . . . pulls a U-Turn! None the lack of a turret means the yellow car must be directly in front of his target, while the green car's turret allows him to shoot in any direction.  Green lands a heavy blow, and nearly knocks out yellow.  Unfortunately, the green car only has one shot per turn.  The green car panics and is already speeding backwards in reverse, hoping to avoid any damage until his laser recharges.
The yellow car pulls another U-Turn and now has green in his sights!  Small arm fire peppers the green car - will it be death by a thousand cuts?
While green only needs to land one more blow against yellow to finish him, his heavy laser is still recharging.  
Green keeps moving back, hoping to hold on for one more phase .. .  
Not to be!  Yellow finally brings down big green before the laser batteries are back on line.
This was another great game, filled with crazy nonsense, cinematic violence, close calls and unlikely victory for the little brother.

The Dark Future game rules once again proved themselves to be one of the most streamlined, action-filled, yet balanced rulesets I've played.  Has me wondering what other genres the rules could be adapted for.  Hmm  . . .

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