Friday, August 22, 2014

Night Goblins into Hobgoblins (Part Two) . . . or Hobgoblins in Pantaloons

An attempt at adding a chaos symbol to a hat.  No worries, I'll just fix it in post production (i.e. paint over it).
Following a night of putting some goblin mini's on the rack, I arose in gleeful anticipation of finishing the job.  Unfortunately, it turns out greenstuff doesn't stick to plastic as easily as I'd hoped.  So, everything kind of fell apart.  Mostly, I was able to crazy glue the bits back together, but it was all a bit messier than I had hoped.

And, I also learned why people use metal wire framework for building up greenstuff.  Getting the legs together was so difficult, I wound up with giant greenstuff legs.  I just went with it, deciding they sort of looked like baggy pants.  

So, here we go:
I drilled holes in the torso, so the greenstuff would have something to grab onto.
I smoothed on more greenstuff to lengthen the leg and create a thigh.  However, the greenstuff on the lower leg decided it no longer wanted to do it's job, and promptly fell off.  
I sort of smooshed the legs into the torso holes, but the holes should have been larger.
This one started off looking pretty good.
Not bad from the back.
Here, you can see a leg breaking away . . .
. . . which resulted in overcompensating with more greenstuff.
Yikes.  What's he wearing?
And, after much playing around and restuffing greenstuff, here's how they wound up.  Not exactly what I was going for, but, hey, first time and all. 

With shields.
So, here's a few things I learned:

  1. Once Greenstuff dries, it tends to pop off plastic.  Next time, I'll try sculpting some of the pieces such that they can easily be glued onto the mini, instead of trying to sculpt directly to the mini.
  2. Next time, I'm going to use cutoffs of a paperclip to build a wire frame and build the greenstuff around it, for appendages like legs.
  3. The rumors are true - this stuff is very sticky and you need to keep your hands and tools wet.  Also, it attracts fingerprints like crazy.
  4. Having fun is more important than perfection.
That's it for now.  I'm hoping that a mediocre paint job will soon help cover up an exceedingly poor sculpt!