Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chaos Warband - Part Four: Warband Assembled

After the great scouring of eBay, soaking metal dudes in Simple Green, scrubbing with a toothbrush, more simple green and/or acetone baths, and lengthy negotiations with the Beastmen's union boss, my Chaos Warband is assembled.

As a recap, the warband consists of:

A quick overview, before the lot of them heads off to the spray booth (i.e., a cardboard box and a can of Krylon in my backyard):
The fearless leader, telling his troops they're heading the wrong way.

The Beastmen leader is on the right, whilst his right-hand-beastman is on the left. 

Everybody move in for a group picture!
What's a warband without a band? 
Cookie cutter?  Who, me?
Whoa, how did this plastic guy sneak in?  This is what happens when you need eleven beastmen.
The full warband assembled, including the three expertly sculpted Hobgoblins on the right. 

 More to come, once the painting begins.