Monday, August 11, 2014

Chaos Warband - Part Three: Assembling the Troops

On the Chaos Warband front, I have three potential leaders for the warband.  First up, a pointy, dress wearing dark elf.  I will use him to display the glorious impact of a fine, Minwax finish on a mediocrely painted mini (which I didn't paint).  Don't listen to the guys at Home Depot, this stuff was made for dipping minis (that's why it's called Minwax!).
They went that way.
No, that way.

I don't always use Polyshade, but when I do, I use Tudor Satin.
Nicely fills in the spaces between colors, shades the nooks and crannies, and adds depths to the various flat areas.

O.K., so its not going to win any awards, but Minwax is a great way to quickly spruce up a mini to a level that's well painted enough for tabletop use. The Minwax also creates a nice, glossy protective coating. I use a quick shot of Testors dull coat to take off the sheen.

Another candidate for warband leadership is his equally undynamic (but less pointy) cousin, who is is  currently in unpainted form:
On second hand, I suppose he does have a point.

These two seem to be circa 1995, which is sorta Oldhammery, I suppose.

Last (but not least) up, my favorite, another Dark Elf which seems to be from 1999 (which I think is pushing the boundaries of Oldhammer, but hey, he's very metal):

This guy is a very near-likeness of Malus Darkblade and I actually like him better than some of the Malus Darkblade minis that GW made.   I also think the dragon-skin cloak will be a delight to paint up.  Or, a royal pain.  He's been freshly stripped using Simple Green and a ton of scrubbing.  

To wrap things up for the warband as they stand now, I've got a set of metal (and plastic, fill the ranks) Beastmen:

Right now I have way more than the eleven I need, but I'm going to continue looking to get them some sort of leader.  These guys seem like they could use some strategic direction beyond "chop it with my axe!".  

I'm also still in need of three Hobgoblins, but more on that in a future post.   Now, off to another project to distract me.