Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Warmaster Paper Counters

Out of print, but still available via the Interwebs.

Though I've not been blogging much about it, I've gotten into Games Workshop's (oop) Warmaster quite a bit recently.  If you've not looked into it, Rick's Warmaster is the place to start.  It's got the rules and lots of articles and variants up on line.  Basically everything you need but the 10mm fantasy minis.

Good news is that there are no Line of Sight issues with respect to hight or terrain, so while minis are preferable, paper counters work just fine for trying out the game.  The base size is 20mm X 40mm, and there a few folks out there who've published their own paper counters.

A League of Ordinary Gamers has a slew of them, for both Fantasy and Ancients.

I used counters from some dude going by the nom de art of SovietHybrid, as the counters are a bit bigger and have some of stats on them.

While the game doesn't look that epic, these counters make playing a quick and affordable process:

Some guys prepare for some sort of flanking action.  Maybe.
And if you like that amazing picture, how about this action?

Mass warfare on an epic scale!
OK, so maybe paper counters don't make for the most exciting pictures, but trust me, the game plays just fine and is loads of fun.   Plus, for a few bucks and some time, you have every army and can store them all in a very small box.  Portable fun for all.

Of course, that hasn't stopped me from starting a lead pile of 10mm minis!

Moar Dwarves!
A whole lot of Dwarves.
Holy smokes, that's a lot to paint.  Thanks for stopping by, and keep your eye out for my own Warmaster AWI paper counters coming soon!

And now, some Warmaster!