Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Littlest Space Marine

I was prepping some of the Epic 30k forces I painted up a while back, figuring out how to play a simple game with them, and came across a tiny metal space marine among the extra, leftover stuff.  The rest of the space marines were all plastic, so he stood out a bit:
He's not heavy, he's my brother.
As I looked him over, I realized the metal guy was a much more detailed sculpt than the plastic lot.  I felt he needed to be honored, and so I painted him up as a one-off Blood Angel, giving him way more attention than the rest of the troops got.  Here's the results, as best as I could capture in photos, given the tiny size of the dude:

No ideal how I managed to get the eyes to look halfway decent, but somehow they look like two eyes instead of one glob.
The pauldron has about as simple a Blood Angels logo as one could have. 
I love the old style backpack.
I applied about four layers of red to orange highlights.  Not sure you can tell, or not, but it's there.  Trust me!
It still amazes me just how small this thing is!  I can't imagine how the heck they sculpted this. 
Its really a shame GW killed the Epic line, as there's lots of fun to be had at such a small scale.  Thanks for stopping by!