Friday, July 24, 2015

One Year Anniversary and New Years Resolution Checkpoint!

This week, there's a confluence of milestones to celebrate.  First, the Tiny Basement Wars blog turned one year old!  And, from my first post a year ago to this one, there have been over 100 posts and nearly 20,000 page hits.   To everyone who follows this blog, or has me in their G+ circles or "friended" me on Facebook, thank you for all the kind words, encouragement and inspiration!
My first logo, before sprucing it up!
I started the blog in an attempt to help me organize and focus my gaming projects, as well as interact with the growing chorus of gaming blogs I'd been reading for years.  Mission accomplished!
Its also half-way through the year and so time to assess my 2015 New Years Resolutions.

Project 1: Dark Angels Terminators
Progress:  100% Complete.
So, the lighting isn't too good, but I was pretty pleased with the painting results!
Project 2:  Rogue Trader Era Heresy Army
Progress:  60% Complete.
Test guy turned out very well, me thinks.
The rest of the army is taking shape.  Hopefully, I'll finish in the next few months.
Project: Scratch Built Warhound Titan
Progress:  Stuck at 50% Complete.
I've done virtually no work on this for 6 months.  I need to get over the hump and wrap this up!
Project: Mordheim Board
Progress:  100% Complete.

Major project for the year, and it turned out well.
Only problem is, I now am itching to expand the board!
Arrrgh!  We smell like Pirates but don't get to party like 'em!
I've also managed to complete Witch Hunter and Sisters of Sigmar bands, though still have Skaven and Cult of the Possessed to still paint up.  Oh, and some Ral Partha skellies too!
Box of Unloved Pewter.
Project: Genestealer Cult
Progress:  0% Complete.
I have done nothing whatsoever.  The shame won't wash off.
Project: Retro Style Walker
Progress:  0% Complete.
So sad and lonely.  
So, not too bad, all in all, though I need to get a few of these projects back on track and stop starting new projects (talking to you, Judge Dredd, Dark Futures and Lord of the Rings)!  Wish me luck for the next 6 months . . . I'll need it.

Thanks for a great year everyone!