Thursday, June 4, 2015

Babes in Mordheim

My eldest kid and I just had our first, full-fledged romp through Mordheim.

He did up a Beastmen warband (from my Chaos Warband project of last year, plus the four new Ungor he painted up all by his self).

I used a Chaos Carnival warband I managed to pick up off eBay for a relatively reasonable price (and decently painted, at that), together with my shiny new nurgle-babies (aren't they cute?).

Chaos vs. Chaos, the battle played out on my 2'x2' tiny Mordheim board that I've been putting together for a while now.

The culmination of all these projects made for a satisfying battle, and some great father/son time over the weekend.  Here's a battle report pictorial (pic heavy, so, after the jump!) . . . .

One Carnie Master, one Brute and one Tainted One.  My son wrote out the warband roster.
Also had four Brethern, a Plague bearer, and my shiny new Nurgle babies.
We rolled for Scenario and wound up with "Surprise Attack", in which the defender has to roll for which units are in reserve and which start on the field of battle.  His minis all need to be spread out by at least 8".  I wound up the defender!
These two Brethren are stalking the yard of a local merchant.
The Tainted One is hanging 'round some ruins . . .
. . . while my Brute guarded the town hall . . . 
. . . with another member of the Brethren at the docks.  
Due to the reserves rule, my Carnival Master had to stay behind . . . 
. . . as did the Plague Bearer and the Nurglings.  

My son smartly kept his group together at the start, right outside the entry way to the Rusty Spanner, this corner of Mordheim's favorite tavern.
Charge!  One group went to take the bridge . . . 
. . . while the main group of Beastagors went round the Rusty Spanner and attacked my Brethern.  The Plaguebearer came in on the second round.
Having met no resistance, the Beastmen attempt to attack the other Brethren across the canal.  But, with no bridge on that side, they needed to climb across a chain - they failed their Initiative test and fell into the nasty sewage water!
My Brethren just watched and laughed.
Still waiting . . .
. . . still waiting.
Finally, after a few turns, my Nurglings and Carnival Master came onto the board (on a random edge).  An unlucky Beastman (distracted watching his comrades splash into the water) was the first victim of Papa Nurgle's entertainers! 
Having dispatched the Beastman, they went 'cross the way to take the bridge . . . 
While my lazy brethren finally went down to the docks to handle the Beastmen.  One of the Brethern had a pistol but, lucky for the Beastmen, he was a lousy marksman.
The Brethern and Plague Bearer were able to use the narrow streets to choke off most of their attackers, keeping the numbers in  their reasonable favor, but eventually they succumbed to the tide of Beastagor.
Nugle's favorite kids headed over the bridge.
The Beastmen, having sobered up from an early afternoon hanging 'round the Rusty Spanner, decided to head off the Carnie and his kids.  
Battle on the Bridge.  Again, the narrow causeway created a bit of a bottleneck, allowing the little nuglings to (literally) nibble away at the Beastmen's superior troops.
Meanwhile, down on the docks, the dripping wet Beastmen managed to climb out of the sewage and team up on the remaining Brethren.  My Brethren did not last long.
At this point, both sides had lost enough models to require a rout test.  Both sides passed their first tests.
But it was utter chaos (no pun intended) on the bridge.  Beastmen were flailing about at the little nurglings, fighting off swarms of flies, and falling off the bridge.  The scent of Magic and Gunpowder wafted through the air, while the battle raged . . . 
Alas, the Chaos Carnival crew failed their second rout test, retreating back to whenst they came, and leaving the ruins of this corner of Mordheim to the Beastmen . . . for now!
Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you around our little corner of Mordheim real soon!