Friday, April 17, 2015

Prime Time!

This past Sunday, I took advantage of the nice spring weather to prime up my Rogue Trader/30k Mashup army:
15 Rogue Trader plastic beakie marines!
These guys will follow the Heresy Era Death Guard paint scheme I worked on a while back.

Rogue Trader era Chaos Dreadnought, ten terminators.  Plus an Inquisitor that looks like a cross between the Phantom and the Creeper.  Hmm, interesting paint scheme options are coming to mind!
While the Chaos Dread isn't exactly Pre-Heresy, the eBay price was right (someone had shot the poor fellow up with a bb gun, but I'm gonna call it a nurgle conversion).

Plus, I'm sort of going for a "just slightly corrupted by chaos" look, the sort I remember from some of the Horus Heresy books, where the loyal marines notice their colleagues from other chapters are sporting new tats and colors, but don't yet realize the treason about to play out.  Mmmmwahahaha!

Two Whirlwinds and a Predator.  I bought a vanilla Rhino as well, but the Blood Angels paint job was so nice, I didn't have the heart to paint over it.  Yet.
I did a full primer coat of basic grey, then did a zenith spray from the top using white Krylon - the poor man's airbrush.  This should give a nice gradation to the minis, without the chalky effect I so often wind up with when painting white.  

The Krylon was a semi-gloss (darn you Krylon, why so few flat colors?), so I finished the minis with a flat clear-coat to make it easier to lay down some base coat trim.  

Full army.
Pumped up for my latest (tiny)army to join the fray.  Sunday well spent!

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