Monday, April 13, 2015

Mordheim Dwarf

This is the first right proper dwarf I've painted up:

His hair is painted with orange and red using the original Citadel Paints from the Space Marines set (the orange is supposed to be the highlight color for Blood Angels!).  Rest of the paint is all Delta Ceramcoat.

He's based on the "Real Flagstone" slotta base from my prior post.

Nice Ratail.
For the first time in a while, I used no ink wash.  Also, I didn't basecoat in a dark color and just highlight up.  Instead, I brushed on mid-range basecoat, then painted on both shadow colors and highlights.  I think the effect worked well, especially since there's so much skin on the mini.

I hadn't realized how addicted I had become to using dark washes, and how muddied up my minis were becoming.

I avoided using metallics on the axe, and instead used greys.  I think it really works well.  My 12 year old said it looked "Cartoony" - I replied "Perfect!"  It looks like the axe is carved out of stone - perfect for a dwarf.
He's to be used as a mercenary in a Mordheim warband.

Also, I photographed him in my "photo box", but using direct sunlight (thank you Spring!) as the prime lighting and diffused sunlight as top and side lighting.  Worked out well, getting all the highlights much better than with the interior lighting pics I've been using as of late.

Now that he's ready for action, I'm looking forward to getting him on the table.

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