Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starting a Chaos Warband

For reasons I'll make clear in a future post, I am starting a small Chaos warband for Warhammer Fantasy Battles Third Edition (WHFB 3d).  Without having any idea of the direction in which I'm going, at least I know where I'm starting.  The four minis above are circa 1987.  These are among, if not the, first minis I ever painted.*  While they could certainly be improved, I don't want to overwork them given their (purely) sentimental value.
The boss.  Not sure if I'll need to run him as a vampire or if I can use him as a Lich King.

UPDATE 09/07/14: Here's a photo of him from the 1989 catalogue:
That's him, on the left.  Pointing at something.  Yes, him.
My mummy has way too much dry brushing . . .   and he's awfully far from Egypt.
This guy looks famished, despite the fact he obviously just had a bite.
Not sure whether he's actually a zombie, but I certainly painted him that way.
Upside pentagram is so chaosy.  Plus, it matches the Slayer-fan haircut.

Not sure where all this will lead, but I should be able to do more planning once I get a hold of my WHFB 3ed rulebook.  

* These are also the first minis I've ever tried to photograph for "real."  I need to work on the manual settings and the lighting, so as to not require a flash.