Friday, July 25, 2014

Puppet Show (and ninjas)

Another set of old minis I found in the bottom of a box from some 25 odd-years ago - thereby igniting a new passion for minis and wargames.    Now, ninjas are awesome and all, but these could certainly use a freshening up with highlights and new bases that don't make it look like they're standing in a Welsh coal hopper.  Though, that would be the perfect place for a ninja attack - completely unexpected.

All that said, I think the best part about these models is the little dudes' puppet feet.  

Some folks don't seem to like the stunted Games Workshop aesthetic - even spending hours modeling their minis as "true scale."  For me, though, at 28mm, I think minis need some "cartoony" features to "grab the eye" from the tabletop (even more so at 15mm - those guys are nothing but head, hands and feet).  These minis show just why I think the look works so well - and why the old Citadel models still have so many fans.