Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Old World In Hexagon

Per my prior post, I'm working on a DIY Mighty Empire set of tiles for a Warmaster Campaign.

My loose inspiration, in part, will be the Empire of the Old World.  To start sketching out the plan, I overlaid a hex field onto a map of the Empire:

There are about 28 tiles here that need to be made.  I don't plan on following the layout religiously, as I will try to keep the hexes geomorphic.  But I thought this would be a good way to break-down the different tile types I need.  

I see something along the lines of:

Costal Tiles:           6
Mountain Tiles:     13
River Tiles:            7
Woodlands:            5
Plains:                    4

That comes to 35 tiles (which means I'm counting some double), but it looks like a decent mix . . . other than too Mountain heavy?

Here's me playing around with a printed copy of the map, along with the counters I made:

Now that I've got this up, I'm actually wondering why I'd even need to make Mighty Empire tiles.   Well, too late now, my OCD has kicked in!