Saturday, October 4, 2014

Orctober Space Hulk Dungeon Bash Mashup for Kids

Inspired by both the re-release of Space Hulk and Erny's Place declaring this the month of Orctober, I decided to throw together a little rules-light space-dungeon bash.  Something simple that I could run with two kids.

So, here's the rule set:

In the dictionary, this is the picture next to the definition of "Rules-light".

One post-it note for Orks, one for Grey Knights and one for blowing up barrels - which we wound up not using.  So, basically two post-it notes is all we needed.  Here's the basic rules:

                   Grey Knights & Gaz      Orks
Move          2 squares                          4 Squares
Doors         Takes one turn to open     Can only open on roll of 6+
Shooting    5 die, hit on 5+                 1 die, hit on 6+
Mele           2 die, hit on 5+                1 die, hit on 6+, but lower by 1 for each attacker
Throw        3+                                    6+

Now, I also needed to take into account that I've not yet opened my Space Hulk box acquired a few years ago.  However, I do have the D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon (as well as Castle Ravenloft).  And, it comes with some pretty sweet dungeon tiles.  Plus, I have Incursion, which comes with some pretty sweet stand-up doors.  And I grabbed some barrels I had as terrain.
Then, we gathered up six Grey Knight terminators, a metal Gazgkull model and about 40 boyz.

And cranked up the iTunes:

And got down to business:

The last remaining Terminator was able to take Gaz to win the game.  A close run thing.  Lots of fun!

I will also be posting a battle report in comic-book style, in a jif!